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Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Biblical Studies major is the only undergraduate degree that is currently offered at St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva.  Students will either have already completed the first two years of undergraduate classes prior to beginning at the Seminary or will work with an advisor to complete the first two years elsewhere while work is being done at the Seminary. 


A recommended program of the requirements is illustrated here:

Years One and Two:  Associate of Arts degree or its equivalent, 60 credits.

Year ThreeSemester 1Semester 2

CJS3103The Jewish Experience: Judaism 101*3

BOT3503Old Testament Survey3

BOTxxxxOld Testament Elective3

BNT3603New Testament Survey3

BNTxxxxNew Testament Elective3

BIE4823Biblical Hermeneutics3

PRE3023Philosophy of Religious Education3

BIExxxxBible Interpretation and Expos. Elective3

BST3313Introduction to Theology3

xxxxOpen Elective**3

Credits earned in a standard 3rd year1515


Year FourSemester 1Semester 2

CCH3613Church History I3

CCH3623Church History II3

CJS3313Jewish Roots and Foundations of Scripture I3

CJS3323Jewish Roots and Foundations of Scripture II3

BSTxxxxTheology Elective3

xxxxOpen Elective**3

BOT or BNTLanguage Requirement***33

xxxxOpen Electives**33

Credits earned in a standard 4th year1515



Credits transferred from a liberal arts program60

Total Credits required for the Bachelor of Arts degree:120

* CJS 3103 is prerequisite for BIE 4823, Biblical Hermeneutics, BST 3833, Biblical/Messianic Apologetics, and all CJS (Judaic Studies) courses, unless exempted by instructor permission, examination, or prior applicable course work.  If it is exempted these 3 credit hours will be used for an additional open elective course.

**Open electives are courses to be chosen from at least three departments and under the direction of the student’s advisor.

***the State requirement of one year of formal language study at the undergraduate level may be met by one of the following alternatives.  If either #1 or #2 is used to satisfy the State’s requirements, SPTS students are required to take, in addition, one year of Beginning NT Greek (#3) or Beginning Hebrew (#4) to satisfy the Seminary’s requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree:

  1. Two years of any high school foreign language study completed with at least a “C” (if this applies, these credit hours
    are to be used to take one year of NT Greek or Hebrew to meet the Seminary’s requirements), OR

  2. One year of college level study of any foreign language completed with at least a “C” (if this applies, these course hours
    are to be used to take one year of NT Greek or Hebrew to meet the Seminary’s requirements), OR

  3. BOT 3203, 3213 Beginning Hebrew I, II, OR

  4. BNT 3213, 3223 Beginning New Testament Greek I, II.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with an Emphasis in Youth MinistryFor students who have not yet completed an undergraduate program and would like to prepare for meaningful ministry in specialized areas, it is possible to design the Biblical Studies major to accommodate the student’s special interests.  It is required, however, both for the following illustration and any other alternative that students consult with and obtain the approval of their faculty advisor.  The emphasis on youth ministry, or any other alternative, can be pursued only with prior approval of the registrar, upon recommendation from the faculty advisor. The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies can be modified to focus on Youth Ministries, defined by replacing the Biblical Studies major electives with:

Electives in Youth Ministry, 18 hours*Credits

CWM3133Teaching Youth3

CWM3233Youth Ministry Discipleship3

CWM3243Youth Ministry Theories3

CWM3143Youth Ministry Dynamics3

CWM3103Personal Evangelism3

CWM3353Evangelistic Preaching3

*Specifically, 12 or 15 credit hours of Open Electives and 3 or 6 credit hours in place of either a BIE and/or a BST elective.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with an Emphasis in Judaic Studies

Students who wish to complete their undergraduate program in preparation for earning a degree in the Yeshiva program may wish to use their Biblical electives to focus on the history and background of Judaism.  To do this, it is essential to consult with the Rosh of the Netzer David International Yeshiva.  There is a great deal of flexibility, but it is important to plan in advance.

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