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Tuitions and Fees

The tuition rates and fees have been established by the Board of Directors of the Seminary and are subject to change.

  • Certificate $185/cr hr  3 crs = $555

  • Bachelors Level $205/cr hr  3 crs = $615

  • Masters Level $245/cr hr  3 crs = $735

  • Doctorate Level $305/cr hr  3 crs = $915

  • Audit – No Academic Credit $120/cr hr  3 crs = $360

  • Senior Audit (65 or older) – No Academic Credit$90/cr hr  3crs = $270

  • Application Fee (non-refundable) $50

  • Audit Application Fee (non-refundable) $25

  • Distance Fee per course, for credit or audit $50

  • Graduation Fee $125

  • Official Transcript Fee, per request $10

All charges are due and payable upon registration for the academic period concerned, or when enrolling for a distance course.  No student who has unpaid financial obligations to the Seminary shall be permitted to register, to receive a degree, to be issued a specific grade report or to have an official transcript sent.  Unpaid balances of student accounts will remain as part of the student’s record.  NO OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT WILL BE SENT FOR A STUDENT WHO HAS UNPAID FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO THE SEMINARY.

Payment Procedures

  1. As an alternative to payment in full at registration, by check, cash or credit card, a student may pay tuition by installments by arranging with his or her own bank to have the tuition sent in three or four equal payments over the course of the term.  The installments are to be sent by the bank directly to the Seminary.  Documentation from the bank of the arrangement must be presented at the time of registration.

  2. We also offer an easy way to make a tuition payment here.

  3. St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva was founded with the intention of providing theological education for all who desire it and whose background and abilities warrant the expectation of successful completion of the student’s chosen program.  The Seminary is committed to this ideal, and therefore all expenses are held to a minimum.  Charges for tuition and other fees reflect only a portion of the cost of providing this education.  Your endeavor to fulfill the requirements of this payment policy will help support the intention of the Seminary.

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