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Certificate Program

Certificate in Religious Studies

1.  A certificate in Religious Studies will be awarded upon successful completion of twenty-four (24) credit hours, typically 8 courses, taken for credit, to include courses in the areas of biblical studies, theology, Judaic studies, or religious education, or a combination of these.  A certificate-seeking student holds regular student status and must follow the regular admission procedures required for degree-seeking students, except that prior college-level work is not required if the student demonstrates aptitude for college work.  Courses may be taken at the undergraduate level, or at the graduate level, if the student already has an undergraduate or graduate degree.  In that case an official transcript will be required.  Courses taken for a Certificate may also be applied toward a degree.


2.  If courses are taken at the Certificate tuition level, which later are applied toward a degree, the difference in tuition will have to be paid at the then current rate.

3.  Intermediate completion certificates will be awarded to students taking courses for the Certificate program.  A Silver Certificate will be awarded for one completed course, a Gold Certificate for three courses, a Platinum Certificate for 6 courses, and a Diamond Certificate for 8 courses.

General Requirements (9 crs.)

Jewish Roots and Foundations of Scripture I,


Jewish Roots and Foundations of Scripture II

Biblical Hermeneutics, OR


Biblical/Messianic Apologetics

Biblical Studies Concentration (15 crs.)

New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey

xxxxElectives in Biblical Sudies


Theology Concentration (15 crs.)

The Gospels Against their Jewish Backgrounds

xxxxElectives in Theology


Judaic Studies Concentration (15 crs.)

The Gospels Against their Jewish Backgrounds

The History of the Jewish People

xxxxElectives in Judaic Studies


Religious Ed. Concentration (15 crs.)

Philosophy of Religious Education

Teaching Methods for Children and Youth, OR 

Teaching the Adult Congregational School Class

xxxxElectives in Religious Education, OR


Youth Ministry

Combination Track (15 crs.):

Those who wish to take courses in more than one concentration may plan with their advisor a specific course of study combining required and elective courses to suit their interests.

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