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Distance Learning

St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva recognizes that many individuals who want to study the Bible and theological topics, perhaps to complete a seminary degree, are not able to attend classes at the Clearwater, Florida campus.  For them, a number of distance courses have been prepared for “Anytime Anywhere Learning.”

The list of currently available distance courses is shown on the second page of the Schedule of Classes.

These distance courses are a great option for students living in another state or country who would like to study independently or at a more leisurely pace.  They generally consist of a CD or MP3 recording of the lectures with the syllabus and reading list included.

Courses may be started at any time.  The required work should be completed within four months, the length of a school term, though an extension may be granted if necessary.

These courses are part the requirements for degree programs of both the Seminary and of Netzer David International Yeshiva.  They include such favorites as Biblical Hermeneutics, Jewish Roots I and II, Biblical/Messianic Apologetics and others.

Those related to Messianic studies fulfill the requirements of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) for licensing and ordination.

In order to take distance courses, it is necessary first to apply for enrollment in the Seminary, as described under the heading, Prospective Students/Admissions Program.  In addition to the regular tuition there is a distance fee of $50 per course to cover the cost of mailing and supplies.

If you are interested in learning more about or in registering for a distance course, please contact us.

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