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Transfer Credits

As to the evaluation and awarding of transfer credits from other accredited institutions, the Registrar and the Area Head of your intended major will review transcripts for credit evaluation.  It is the policy of St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva to:

  1. Award block two-year credit to students who have earned an Associate of Arts Degree with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0; or

  2. Accept, for transfer students without an Associate of Arts Degree, only those appropriate college level courses in which grades of C or higher were earned.  Credits will be accepted for transfer to equal up to the 60 credits of liberal arts courses, as stipulated in the Catalog, needed to be equivalent to the Associate of Arts degree.

  3. Accept, for transfer credit, other courses with comparable titles, descriptions and contents to Seminary courses in which grades of C or higher were earned.

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