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What Makes Us Different

From its beginning, St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva has recognized that it has a responsibility to be innovative in a number of areas, particularly because of its focus as a center that meets the needs of ministers already in the field, who find in it the opportunity to advance their capabilities for service, but also because of the needs of lay people who seek to become more capable in their ministries for God.

Among the Distinctives of St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva are the following:


A Distinct respect for The Absolutes

The Seminary stands unashamedly for the Biblical absolutes: the Triune God, the Creation, the great historical doctrines of the Church, the righteousness God requires of His people, the certainty of His judgments, and the joy of the fellowship of Believers as they worship and adore their Maker.


A Distinctive approach to Biblical Studies

The Seminary, as a strongly evangelical school, assumes the responsibility of placing Scripture in the forefront of all its activities.  No class is exempt.  But such studies must be based on historical and geographical data which is accurate.  Hebrew, Greek and related studies, as well as strong Biblical introduction courses, make this possible.  Strong safeguards against any form of extremism, heresy, or blind dogmatism are built into our great Biblical heritage.  The Older Testament Scriptures, the teaching of Jesus, a careful reading of first century Jewish literature, and the careful study of the writings of present-day scholars, will enable the student to have a proper hermeneutic.  It is our conviction that while our present understanding may be deficient, new insights are yet available to God’s people from Holy Writ, and that special care needs to be observed to separate our own theology from that which Scripture intends.


Distinctive Imperative for Intercession

From its inception, the Seminary has been bathed in prayer and the Seminary community is dedicated to intercessory prayer for every area of discipleship, as well as to receive and pray for individul prayer requests.


A Distinct Approach to Judaic Studies

All students are encouraged to take advantage of studying in Israel, as avaiLable, and all are required to study our Jewish heritage.  The Seminary’s degrees in Judaic Studies and the programs of Netzer David International Yeshiva (instruction for synagogue leadership) are distinctives of the Seminary and Yeshiva, but it is expected that every student will gain a thorough understanding of our Judeo-Christian heritage.  An understanding of the Jewishness of Jesus (Yeshua), as of the whole of the Newer Testament, is indispensable for an understanding of the gospel message.


Distinct Respect for The Apostolic Faith

With those of all ages, the Seminary desires to “continue steadfastly in the apostles’ teaching.”  The only witness we have to the will of the Lord Jesus is in this, for they are the ones who give us His teaching.  The Seminary stands with the historic church in renouncing all heresy.

A Distinctive Testimony to the Heavenly Hope

Being careful not to require uniformity of expression regarding the manner in which He shall come, the Seminary is united in its testimony that the Coming Again of the Lord Jesus is our blessed Hope; we testify to Jesus’ physical bodily return to the earth, His millennial reign, the final judgment, and of the eternal reign with Him of all believers.

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